Animal Experimentation

This page provides links to articles, papers and other items relating to the use of animals in scientific, industrial, commercial or military research, education, or any other purpose where animals are used to obtain information or demonstrate a point.


One hundred millions animals worldwide are sacrificed every year in allegedly scientific experiments.

Animals are infected with diseases and poisoned with toxic substances allegedly to ensure these products are safe for us by humans.

Animals are mutilated and killed in studies of the impacts of weapons and car accidents, and subjected to nightmarish behavioural experiments.

They are killed by the million to teach students, most of whom will never have an interest in what the inside of a living creature looks like.

A vast proportion of this sacrifice is as inherently useless as when animals were sacrificed to appease malicious gods or evil spirits.  It has no benefits for either humans or other animals.  While animals suffer no less pain and distress than humans when they are infected, poisoned or mutilated, all animal species are different.

Moreover, humans actually die because useful drugs are held back from the markets because some non-human, non-comparable animal has reacted badly to it.

Conversely, until a new product is tested on a human animal, there is never any guarantee, no matter how many billions of other animals it has been tested on, that it will not prove deadly for humans.

APA rejects the assumption that humans have a right to torture and kill other animals for their own benefit.

APA also rejects the woeful science that attempt to justify animal experimentation and condemns utterly the industries and governments that allow these cruel and useless experiments to continue.