Animals and the Environment

This pages provides links to articles, papers and other on issues relating to the impacts of the damage humans are doing to the environment on animals.


All environmental issues impact on animals either directly or indirectly.

Direct impacts for both animals and the environment occur where humans deliberately remove the animals from the environment (‘harvesting’, ‘culling’, ‘pest control’ and recreational hunting and fishing).

Accidental car and boat strike also impact directly on both the animal and the environment from which it is removed.

Other environmental damage that impacts directly on animals are loss of habitat, release of toxins into habitat, and climate destabilisation.

Indirect impacts on animals occur where a keystone species (for example kangaroos) on which other animals (for examples earless dragons) depend for their survival are removed in such large numbers that the dependent species itself cannot survive.

Additionally, human production of farm animals impacts is arguably responsible for the most serious of all human impacts on the environment (around half the world’s anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions, loss of around 60 per cent of the world’s greenhouse gas sinks, habitat loss, loss of watersheds, soil destabilisation and desertification).

These changes, in turn, impact on all other animals, including the farm animals themselves.

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