Introduced Animals

This page provides links to articles, papers and other items on the welfare and environmental issues surrounding naturalised Australian animals (ie introduced animals that have formed naturalised population since the Age of Exploration, often erroneously referred to as ‘feral’.


Throughout Australia, introduced animals are subjected to some of the worst intentional and lawful animal cruelty in Australia.

Wild rabbits are deliberately infected with disease (Myxomatosis and Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease).  Many beloved companion rabbits also die of these diseases.

A wide range of animals are subjected to baiting or gassing of with excruciatingly painful toxins such as 1080, Pindone, Chloropicrin and Strychnine.

In Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia, steel jaw traps are still permitted.  Even so-called soft jaw traps (where the jaws have been padded with rubber or other padding) cause pain, terror and panic-driven injuries to the trapped animal.

This level and scale of cruelty to animals would be unconscionable even if lethal control of these animals was both effective and necessary.

In fact, it is neither. To find out why, read Frankie Seymour’s paper at her Warm and Wild Blog

Proposed aerial shooting of brumbies in Kosciuszko National Park-Animal_Protection_Alliance_Submission – Aug 2023




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