Companion Animals

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Dangerous Dogs

The APA does not support the “Domestic Animals (Dangerous Dogs) Legislation Amendments Bill 2017″ as we believe the current Australian Capital Territory (ACT) legislation is already brutal and cruel enough. In fact we strongly support changes to the legislation which ensure that:

  • people who brutalise dogs in order to turn them into dangerous dogs be prevented from owning dogs;
  • people who are committed to rehabilitating dangerous dogs are permitted to do so, provided that they ensure the safety of other creatures throughout the process;
  • dogs are not declared dangerous for protecting their pack mates;

and most importantly

  • that no dog is punished let alone killed because humans have turned it into a dangerous dog.

Furthermore we strongly oppose any lethal measures such as the use of deadly force by the police and/or toxic chemicals as punishment to control animals.

Apart from the obvious measure of desexing, there are viable non-lethal techniques available such as

  • Tracking collars for monitoring
  • Robust fencing to protect against being dug under and chewed through
  • Secure run to contain and not let the dog to run loose
  • Rehabilitation to undo unwanted behaviours