FOI Documents into ACT Government Kangaroo “Cull”

The ACT Government commissioned CSIRO to conduct an evaluation of the research underpinning its annual kangaroo “cull”. The 2014 Report has revealed that the government’s research could not demonstrate that kangaroos have any deleterious impact on biodiversity or the environment.

The CSIRO report confirms what independent ecologists, wildlife experts and animal protection activists have always understood: that there is no evidence that kangaroos in the ACT are at densities high enough to damage the environment, and that the ACT government’s claim that more than one kangaroo per hectare is ‘too many’ has no basis in science.

The CSIRO report, along with the details of the government’s research, was recently released to the District Bulletin under Freedom of Information (FOI).  A full analysis of the FOI material can be found below.

The Bulletin’s FOI request followed the failure of two ACT Kangaroo Management Plans (2010 and 2017) and three ACAT hearings to provide any plausible or independent scientific evidence to justify the slaughter of tens of thousands of animals.

CSIRO Report 2014 – Relationships between vegetation condition and kangaroo density in lowland grassy ecosystems of the northern Australian Capital Territory

The District Bulletin Special Report – CSIRO Report and FOI Documents do not support ACT Government’s Kangaroo “Cull” Program – Oct 2017

APA_Analysis_of_CSIRO Report and other FOI_documents_on_ACT Government’s Kangaroo_”Cull” -Oct_2017

Review_of_CSIRO Report and other FOI documents by Dr William Taylor – Oct 2017

FOI_Distribution of bodies after ACT Government kangaroo cull_APA – Nov 2022